Giving Back

Pettit Family Charitable Foundation

The Pettit Charitable Foundation was founded in 1989 by John H. Pettit, a very generous and giving person who cared about helping others. John H. Pettit was the founder of Pettit & Griffin, Inc., a residential and commercial developer in Montgomery County established in 1963. His estate legacy was to help and serve the needs of others in surrounding communities by donating a portion of his wealth and estate to the creation of the foundation.

Today, the foundation continues to serve the local, regional, and national organizations of all types in need with a primary focus of its resources on shelter and hunger.

Our Trustees

Richard (Dick) B. Pettit

Richard has been the Foundation leader since the passing of John Pettit (Foundation Founder). Richard continues to support organizations involved in providing much needed housing for the homeless in the area and persons struggling with special medical needs or end of life assistance needs.

Brian W. Pettit

Brain has connected with the Greater Gaithersburg Chamber of Commerce to identify organizations that assist the needs of those living in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Jeanne M. Pettit

Jeanne has worked with the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for over 20 years. Jeanne helps raise funds and works directly with the Foundation to find ways to fund much needed improvements to the hospital's internal operations. Jeanne also support efforts to find solutions fand housing for domestic violence victims.

J. Stephen (Steve) Pettit

Steve Pettit supports a large number of organizations located in Howard County, Maryland, including the Howard County 4 H Club and other county area conservation and assistance programs.

Barbara L. Pettit

Barbara is a supported of local hospital events for fund raising, including the long running yearly Montgomery Hospital fundraiser. Barbara prefers a hands on approach to giving and often support children's needs type organizations.

Community Impact

The Pettit Family Charitable Foundation has awarded over 3.8 million dollars in grants since its inception in 1989 to hundreds of local and national organizations that provide services to those in need.

Our Community Investment

  • 28 Years (Total Years in Service)
  • $3.8 Million (Total Amount of Grants Given Since 1989)
  • 250+ (Number of Organizations Given to since 1989)


The Pettit Family Charitable Foundation is privileged to have supported the following local and national organizations: If your organization is interested in a grant, please send us a written request along with your 501(c) designation letter from the IRS and we would be happy to consider your organization and their needs during our next grant cycle.
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